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Engaging Your Community: Core Principles Continued

by Allison Rizzolo

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Engaging the public in a genuine and robust manner will be central to moving our nation forward in these challenging times. Last week we described the first of the ten core principles that undergird our public engagement work. This week we bring you two more, both of which speak directly to the frustrations of the public in this moment:

Attend to people's leading concerns

It's a natural response to open up more readily to people who address your concerns, rather than ignoring them in favor of their own. Whether you are a leader in your community, engaging your constituents, or one community member trying to engage others, find out what matters to people, and keep those issues in mind. Especially when there are gaps between the priorities of different groups, people will be most receptive to your concerns if the issues that they feel most concerned about are acknowledged and addressed.

Reach beyond the "usual suspects"

It's easy to bring together and talk to those people who are already powerfully involved in an issue, as well as those who love to sound off in public. Finding ways to include or represent the broader public, especially those whose voices have traditionally been excluded, is a more challenging proposition. This takes special, creative approaches to public outreach, dialogue and engagement. For examples of this in action, check out our list of case studies, as well as Planet Forward-- an innovative, multimedia example of ambitious grassroots engagement.

Look for more principles of public engagement here in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you have any questions, just ask—either here, in the comments, or on our Facebook page or via Twitter. We also have many more tools to help foster community and public engagement. These include Choicework discussion guides, deliberative discussion starters for flexible use among diverse participants, and their corresponding videos; reports outlining engagement recommendations and principles; and case studies in community and state engagement.


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