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Video: Students and College Completion in Their Own Words

by Scott Bittle

Monday, March 28th, 2011

There's nothing more powerful than hearing people talk about their challenges in their own words -- and this video of students discussing the juggling act they face in trying to balance work, family and school is a great example.

The plenary session at the Achieving the Dream Strategy Institute in February featured a panel of students from Ivy Tech Community College and Santa Fe College, moderated by Public Agenda President Will Friedman. If you want to see how students meet this challenge -- one of the biggest when it comes to turning around the nation's college completion rate -- have a look at the video below:

Also, for statistics that back up the stories here, see the survey report, With Their Whole Lives Head of Them (below).

Download the PDF

With Their Whole Lives Ahead of Them

Myths & Realities About Why So Many Students Fail to Finish College

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Most young adults who started college but didn't finish left because they needed to work more to make ends meet.



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