Public Agenda

Can I Get a Little Advice Here?

How an Overstretched High School Guidance System Is Undermining Students' College Aspirations


Can I Get A Little Advice Here?, the second of Public Agenda's studies on college completion, asks young Americans how much help they received from the high school guidance system when it comes to choosing a college or career or getting financial aid for college. In too many cases, young people tell us, the answer is "not much." Based on a national survey of young adults, ages 22 to 30, we found six in 10 of those who went on to further education gave their high school counselors poor grades for their college advice, and nearly half say they felt like "just a face in the crowd." With college costs rising and completion rates sinking in the United States, this raises serious questions about what kind of help young people need, and whether they're getting it. (2011)

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