Public Agenda

Helping Make Quality Higher Education Affordable for Students and Taxpayers

Access to higher education is critical for the well-being and success of our nation's youth and our nation itself. Yet, with costs sky-rocketing, a post-secondary education has become an unattainable dream for too many.

Making higher education more affordable for students, their families and taxpayers is important to us at Public Agenda. We are working across the country, in partnership with foundations, organizations and higher education institutions, to attain this goal.

While most agree on this common objective, sometimes those charged with reforming higher education don't see eye to eye on how to get there.

Public Agenda conducts research with a diversity of stakeholders who have an interest in higher education, including students, faculty, college and university presidents and trustees, community members, and business owners.

We then apply this research to help these stakeholders better work toward solutions that can be sustained.

Here are some examples of the work we've been doing in higher education. If you'd like more information on these or other initiatives, send us an email and we'll be happy to help.