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Making progress on divisive issues is tough. We can help.

Some of the roles we play include:

Expert facilitator



Honest broker


Trusted outsider





Capacity builder

Many of the problems we face, like making higher education affordable or confronting our national energy challenges, require bold leadership, creative thinking and broad collaboration.

Public Agenda can provide you with the insights, tools and support you need to make real progress when:

  • there is conflict or division
  • the way forward isn't clear
  • you need team effort that crosses silos
  • people need to work through complex and controversial issues

What We Offer

Our services include:

Focus groups that delve deeper

Surveys that uncover not just what people think, but why they think what they do

Moderator training that generates dialogue and a genuine exchange of ideas

Meeting planning that helps groups, institutions, and communities reach across divides

Community engagement projects that open conversations, build alliances, and put communities on the path to solving problems

Who We Can Help

Our proven approaches are suitable for decision makers and stakeholders at multiple levels, from state policymakers to grassroots leaders, from teachers to school board members, from college presidents to students, from mayors to community-based organizations and local businesses.

Whether you are at the beginning of a decision-making process, in the middle of implementing reform, or trying to continuously provide insight and guidance through various phases of change, our services can help you develop useful policy that sticks.

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The menu at left describes in detail each of our services, which are available individually or as a package. To talk to us about how Public Agenda can help you, please contact Allison Rizzolo.