We support partners as they develop their capacities to effect positive change. Grounded in understanding the partner’s goals, we design a customized strategy for acquiring data, facilitating dialogue among constituencies, synthesizing and communicating key findings, and prioritizing actions.

We work with health care organizations, educational institutions, advocacy organizations, community-based groups, philanthropies, and government agencies. We connect our strengths in research, engagement, and planning to our partners’ assets and missions. We help partners integrate the values of voice, equity, and inclusion into their policies and processes. We enable partners to take actions that build communities characterized by fairness and opportunity.

If you are a college or university seeking to do a better job of catalyzing economic mobility, we can help. If you are a local government seeking to encourage more effective and substantive citizen participation, we can help. If you are a public library seeking better solutions for managing disagreements about controversial material, we can help. If you are a pro-democracy organization seeking to prioritize possible approaches for making change, we can help. If you are a health care organization seeking training on building trust across difference, we can help.

Contact us to find out more about how we can work together in pursuit of your goals.