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Healthier Democracies Toolkit

Healthier Democracies is an initiative that strengthens American democracy by sharing the world’s best practices of community engagement.

Who Profits? Students’ Experiences at For-Profit Colleges

This research explores the experiences and perspectives of for-profit college attendees based on a representative survey of 595 alumni, currently enrolled students, and non-completers fielded from March 17 to May 31, 2022, and focus groups with those populations.

Eager to Build Bridges: Religious and Spiritual Americans’ Desire to Connect Across Partisan Divides

Most Americans consider partisan divisiveness a problem and want politicians to put aside differences and compromise, according to this Public Agenda/USA TODAY Hidden Common Ground survey of 2,219 American adults, fielded in August 2022.

The Political Alienation Barometer

Nearly one-third of Americans are completely politically alienated—not because their preferred party isn’t in power, but because they don’t think their voice matters. A majority of these alienated Americans believe our democracy is in crisis.

Journalists Discuss Reporting on Common Ground and Divisiveness

Public Agenda conducted in-depth confidential interviews with a snowball sample of 18 journalists in the fall of 2021.

Teachers in the News

Teachers in the News provides an unprecedented analysis of education media coverage, as well as findings from both a survey of teachers and parents and interviews with teachers and journalists.

America’s Hidden Common Ground: Putting Partisan Animosity in Perspective

This Public Agenda/USA TODAY Hidden Common Ground report focuses on affective polarization, meaning negative feelings towards people whose political views differ from one’s own.

America’s Hidden Common Ground on Overcoming Divisiveness

This Public Agenda/USA TODAY Hidden Common Ground survey, fielded in February 2021, finds a powerful consensus across political affiliations that the nation needs to move beyond the destructive divisiveness that plagues our politics.

Essential Educators: Teacher and Parent Views on COVID-19

After a challenging fall semester, a national survey from Public Agenda finds that K-12 teachers and parents are largely on the same page regarding education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Two-Way Street: Building Trust Between People with Medicaid and Primary Care Doctors

This research compares the views of people insured by Medicaid and primary care doctors who treat people with Medicaid regarding how to build mutual trust.

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