Text, Talk, Engage (TTE) is an engagement approach that combines digital technology and face-to-face discussion to increase the impact of engagement efforts. It is a process that facilitates text-enabled, small-group conversations that happen in many places on a single day. TTE encourages dialogue that is informed, thought-provoking, and personally meaningful. It helps people figure out what they think, provide input, and decide what else they might want to do.

From now until Feb. 28, school communities can use TTE to engage students, educators, parents, and other community members to address and prevent incidents of bias and discrimination affecting students. These discussions will be meaningful on their own, and can also serve as a stepping stone for school communities wanting to employ the Addressing Incidents of Bias guide for more in-depth dialogue and action.

To participate in the TTE exercise, follow the steps below.

  • Get together with 3-4 other people
  • Text “ENGAGE” to 89800
  • Follow the prompts
  • Answer polls and discussion questions (Results will be available immediately.)
  • Allow about an hour for a discussion on the results