Here, review the summary of findings from both the survey research and the media analysis of our project Teachers in the News. For findings in their entirety, a variety of interactive charts, and more, please visit the main project site at teachersinthenews.org.

  1. Teachers and parents believe that media coverage affects teachers.
  2. Newspapers rarely discussed teachers in depth or included teachers’ voices.
  3. Newspapers covered nonacademic factors that affect learning more than any other topic.
  4. National newspapers started covering evaluation less and quoting teachers more around 2015.
  5. Local and national newspapers most often portrayed teachers engaged in the work of teaching. National newspapers more often portrayed teachers being evaluated than local newspapers did.
  6. Depictions of teachers being evaluated in national newspapers began declining after 2015, while depictions of professional development and compensation began increasing.
  7. In the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, depictions of teachers changed more in national newspapers than in local newspapers.
  8. From 2009 to 2020, newspapers rarely depicted teacher shortages, lack of classroom resources, or low diversity in the profession.
  9. Depictions of teachers involved in illegal activity were rare but spiked modestly in certain years.
  10. Teachers believe it is important for the news media to cover student poverty, lack of classroom resources, and teacher shortages.