Recommendations and ideas for future research based on these findings include the following:

  • Connect patients with each other and with hard data so that they can find out about the quality of doctors’ and hospitals’ care.
  • Give doctors and other health care professionals the tools and training they need to discuss quality with patients.
  • New York State government could build public trust by providing people with information about health care quality that is relevant to them in ways they can understand.
  • Insurers should provide people with information about quality and help them figure out how to use it.
  • Provide people with information about the quality of individual doctors’ and hospitals’ care—and do so in a way that productively engages health care providers.
  • Develop ways to measure and disclose information about doctors’ and hospitals’ communication skills, courtesy and respect.
  • Explore what members of the public think about various approaches to quality improvement and accountability.
  • Explore what members of the public think about hospitals’ evolving roles in health, health care, community life and local economies.